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  • What do I have to bring with me?

    It’s very important to bring your own surf or water shoes. You need them in order to protect your feet against oysters and/or sharp shells in the water. Also bring swimwear, a towel and sunscreen with you!

  • How long does a class take?

    All lessons are 3 hours, except for the introduction course wingsurfing. This is 2 hours.

  • Are there also school wetsuits available?

    We have more than enough wetsuits available. Just be sure to let us know in advance that you need one of ours!

  • Do you also rent out equipment?

    Yes we do! Foil School Nederland rents out the newest Duotone and Fanatic gear. Send us a message to get more information about this.

  • What equipment do you teach with?

    During all lessons we use the newest kites, wings, boards and foils from Duotone and Fanatic.

  • Can I use my own equipment during the lesson?

    Eventually, you have to do it with your own equipment. So it’s very understandable that you already want to practice with your own gear! By mutual agreement this is possible. Still, we prefer the use of school equipment. Why? This way we’re sure that you are learning with the best equipment to make optimal progression.

  • Do I have to be able to wakeboard before I can participate in the wakefoil course?

    Yes. Basic wakeboarding and wakesurfing skills are required to participate in the wakefoil course.

  • Where do you primarily teach?

    We mainly teach on the Brouwersdam, Grevelingendam, Maasvlakte or Oostvoornse meer.

  • How does the payment of a booked lesson work?

    We work with forces of nature that we cannot control. Because the weather leads a life on its own sometimes, you pay whenever you’re actually at Foil School Nederland for your foilsurf lesson. We have a mobile pin or cash.

  • Where can I check the availability for a lesson?

    Foil School Nederland has a flexible team that’s always ready to share their passion with you. Just give us a call or send us a message. There’s often still a lot to arrange!