• Do I need a minimum level to rent?

    You can rent stuff if you have achieved at least level 8 on the Foil School Nederland progression card.

    What does level 8 mean?

    Level 8 means controlled 10 meter left and right foiling. You also need to know how to brake.

  • How long is one rental session?

    A standard rental session is from 2 hours onward.

  • Do I need to make reservations to rent equipment?

    We have a wide range of wingfoil, kitefoil and foilsurf equipment. Still, we recommend sending a message or calling in advance about the possibilities. That way you can be sure your perfect set is still in stock and you won’t be disappointed.

About Foil School Nederland

Foil School Nederland was born out of great passion for the sport of foil. As the first in the Netherlands we started offering kitefoil, wingsurf, wakefoil, foilsurf lessons. The most experienced and stoked instructors have come together to share their passion with you.

Foil School Nederland works with a mobile school so we can always guarantee you the best locations for lessons in Zuid-Holland or Zeeland. We prefer the Brouwersdam, Maasvlakte, Grevelingendam or Oostvoorne. Is this hard to reach or do you prefer another spot? No worries! We are happy to think with you and are willing to come to your location.

Our goals for each lesson are clear: safety, progression and FUN!